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Step 1: Enter your home's address

Use this tool to find listings similar to your home and receive a comparative market analysis from one of our expert REALTORS.®

Begin by entering your street address. Click Search.  Once your address is confirmed, describe your home by entering the number of beds and baths and choose a radius around your property. Your results will vary depending on the number of homes for sale that match your criteria in the radius you selected. You may have to broaden your search area.

When you have successfully found properties, choose the homes that seem most like your property. Selecting them will help you learn the average for sale price of similar properties in the area you selected, this will give you a very general idea of what your home's value might be.

Regardless of the results you find, we strongly encourage you to talk to a Coldwell Banker Lingle Professional. No one is better equipped to help you get a true understanding of your homes value and what you can reasonable expect to sell your property for in today's real estate market.

This information is not an accurate valuation method, only a neighborhood snapshot of asking prices and selling prices. Actual property selling prices are determined by a buyer making a written offer to purchase and a seller accepting that offer. Some homes are on the market for long periods waiting for the right price and terms.

True market value is determined by a meeting of the minds between buyer and seller. Your Coldwell Banker Lingle agent can provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) giving you an accurate indication of the most likely sales price range of your property, the time you should expect it to be on the market, and what you may need to do to get your home ready to sell. Consult your agent today to obtain the most accurate price for your property.